Friday, September 12, 2014

Stock Ticker App - Help Page

Stock Ticker is used to display the Current stock price and current day stock prices for a company. Users can look for other company stock prices by its name or stock symbol.
Stock Ticker displays the stock price for first time of preconfigured company. User has to provide the company symbol in the stock ticker app part property.
Users can check stock price by adding Stock Ticker App Part in a page.

To use Stock Ticker ,Please follow the below steps: 

1. You need to make your page in edit/design mode then in the ribbon ,click on Insert tab.

2. Select App Part ,then Insert StockTicker App Part in your page.
 3. Insert "Stock Ticker" on any page, you would like to display. Next, click the "Edit Web     Part" menu item to configure the App part.

 4. You will get app part configuration menu in right side.

5 .you will see the Company Stock  symbol in the Stock Ticker app part configuration    category.
There you can provide any company's stock symbol for which you want to display for the first time when app loads on the page.

6. Click on "OK" and Save the page. you will get the Stock Ticker App Part in your page.

7. User can check stock price for other company by entering its symbol or name.

Mohit Khandelwal


  1. Mohit,

    Thank you for the great app. I am having trouble overriding your CSS with my own. Any recommendations?

  2. Can any one help me in this:
    I attached this App part to my SharePoint page but unable to get the result. I'm getting the following error:

    GET jquery-1.7.1.min.js:4 sendjquery-1.7.1.min.js:4 f.extend.ajaxApp.js:56 GetStockDataApp.js:115 getSymbolStockTicker.aspx?stockSymbol=MSFT&…:17 onclick

  3. The app isn't working.. Not getting the stock price results.

  4. Thanks for this App.
    I am also having same problem. The app is not working. Not getting the stock price result.

  5. This looked great, but when I added this app part to my site, nothing I did showed any results...

  6. This did not work on our site either